Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Night at the house by myself

So, Andy left for Chicago yesterday morning for work with Mr. Bill and Bart. I haven't had to stay at our house by myself yet so I was definitely nervous and a little scared!! Mrs. Nancy eased my nerves though by having Joanna, Georgia and I over for pizza and a Girl's Night. After some sweep the kitchen, glass of wine and a movie..I was ready to face the first night by myself. Everything went fine, I slept like a baby and now I know I don't need to be scared when Andy goes out of town! This work week has flown by and I am thankful for that. Brainstorming for Father's Day gifts and trying to get some last-minute house stuff finished before we host small group next Tuesday. Andy will be home tomorrow..woo hoo! We don't have big weekend plans, so it will be good to just relax!

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